On-Line Publishers, Inc. and its subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, agents, and employees (hereafter “OLP”) recognizes the importance of having effective privacy protections in place and is committed to compliance with applicable data privacy laws, regulations, internal policies and standards. These protections are necessary to maintain the confidence of customers and employees; and ensure the company’s own compliance with such local laws. This Privacy Policy (“Policy”) is based on regionally accepted principles on data protection.

Personal Data is classified as confidential. Any unauthorized processing of such data by employees is prohibited. Employees may have access to personal data only as is appropriate for the type and scope of the services of the website. Employees are prohibited from using personal data outside of the scope of their employment at OLP. This obligation shall remain in force even after employment has ended.

OLP prohibits any form of retaliation for reporting in good faith a suspected violation of this Policy.